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Sitoca Product 1 Series 788's adjustable complete workmaster has cable compartment to accommodate multi sockets as well as an a lockable keyboard drawer that doubles up as a wrist rest. Its other unique features such as the adjustable angled footrest is designed for greater user comfort while not sacrificing practicality.
Sitoca Product 3 Series 768 is designed with simplicity and functionality in mind, for all various microcomputers. The built-in wire compartment ensures cable tidiness and proper wire management while the heavy duty lockable castors provide mobility when necessary.
Sitoca Product 4 Series 712 (CAD/CAM Workstation) comes with German's Hard P.V.C. Edging with texture finish that eliminates rough and sharp corners, as well as to provide detail attractive finishing. Its steel structure supporting the table top, is designed for strength to handle heavy loads where different types of optional items can be accommodated.
Sitoca Product 5 Series 828, designed for operator convenience, ensures print-outs are received and collected in front. Its adjustable height and sturdy structure enable the table to withstand printer's printing capacity up to approximately 800cps. Definitely useful for continunous printing.

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