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Mitac Product 1 Supporting the new Intel Pentium II microprocessor rocketing at a whopping 333MHz, and up to 384MB of RAM, MITAC Pursuit brings you top performance and remarkable multimedia on the fly. Relish eventful manageability, improved Internet, enriched 3D gaming and multimedia, PLUS enjoy majestic sound and razor-sharp vistas.
Mitac Product 2 There should be no limit to what you can do on the road. Whether you want the latest in digital communications, the power of the latest productivity tools of multimedia episodes, MITAC 5026 puts you onthe spot. Cruising at 233MHz, MITAC brings you REAL computing with 128MB of RAM and other performance enhancing gear. On top of that, you can also enjoy your output on the large 12.1" DSTN or TFT-based LCD and the stereo speakers the system sports.

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